Sitting in the Heart of the World

June 7-12, 2019

5 night (Friday to Wednesday)

Amita Schmidt & John Cunningham

Sorry, retreat is full. Please click here to send us an email to be put on a waiting list.  Please include your name and phone number and the last day you will consider coming to the retreat.  Sometimes we get cancellations a few days prior to a retreat.

“We don’t stop the suffering of life.  Instead we maximize our capacity to love.” Adyashanti

The idea of living a connected heartfelt life appeals to us, but it is easy to forget that we care when faced with the struggles of the moment, or when old reactive patterns take over. It is possible to change these patterns, and to increase our capacity to love. This silent retreat will be an opportunity to unburden your heart, and find more joy and connection both inside and out. An unburdened heart is a vital light in the world.

The retreat will consist of focused meditation practices, time for unstructured meditation, and periods of walking meditation. The retreat is suitable for those who are new to meditation as well as for those with an established practice

LOCATION: Oakwood Retreat Center – Click Here for directions.
COST: $585

Amita Schmidt was the resident teacher at Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA for six years (2000-2006). She studied and trained with Joseph Goldstein, and has also been a student of Adyashanti since 2003. Amita has been practicing Vipassana meditation for 35 years, and teaches retreats across the USA. She is the author of Dipa Ma: The Life and Legacy of a Buddhist Master and is a contributor to Buddha Laughing: A Tricycle Book of Cartoons.  Amita is also a licensed clinical social worker, with a private practice in Internal Family Systems therapy in Ohio and Hawaii.

John Cunningham has been teaching meditation for 18 years.  His practice and teaching combines Vipassana, loving-kindness and non-dual teachings from various spiritual traditions. John has studied with several teachers, but his primary teacher has been Matthew Flickstein.  Work with Matthew includes numerous retreats and several extended study programs, including teacher training programs, a one-year study of the Satipatthana Sutta, and a two-year program on non-duality.  John’s personal retreat experience in recent years has focused primarily on self-retreats and on retreats associated with the training programs with Matthew. John recently completed a two-year non-dual teacher training program.

John is the primary teacher for Insight Meditation of Cleveland and leads several sanghas in the northeast Ohio area.  John has led retreats and workshops throughout the eastern United States.

John is married and has three sons, ages 39, 35 and 8 years old.  Together with his wife, Laurie, John leads a mindful parenting group in the Cleveland area.

It is Tri-State Dharma’s mission to make retreats available to meditators from Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and beyond. To make these retreats affordable to all who wish to attend, the fees for each retreat are slightly less than the minimum amount needed to cover our expenses. This does not take into account the scholarships that we give for almost all retreats. If you are in a position to do so, please consider making a donation to Tri-State Dharma at the end of the retreat to help us continue this work. Thank you.

Deposits are your way of saving space for the retreat. If you must back out of the retreat, we will refund half of the deposit if you cancel 6 weeks prior to the retreat. If you have paid the full amount, we will refund the balance. For our Weekend retreats, if cancel 6 weeks prior, refund is all but $100.  If cancel less than 6 weeks prior, refund is all but $200. Thank you for not asking for the full deposit back.

The cost of the retreat covers room and board and Tri-State Dharma’s expenses. Meditation teachers in this tradition are able to continue their work through Dana, or generous, voluntary giving by students. At retreat’s end, students have an opportunity to practice Dana by offering contributions. There is no specific contribution amount expected; give what feels right.   Please think of this as an integral part of practice.

To request a scholarship please Click Here to send an e-mail to Tri-State Dharma. No one will be turned away for lack of ability to pay.

If you cannot register using PayPal, please call Barb Huels at (513) 307-5343 to get instructions to pay by check.

Sorry, retreat is full. Please send us an email to be put on a waiting list.  Please include your name and phone number and the last day you will consider coming to the retreat.  Sometimes we get cancellations a few days prior to the retreat.