Tri-State Dharma Online Class: Impermanence: A Buddhist Perspective on Coping with Change

An Online Course with Wendy Eisner

April 22-May 26, 2018
live sessions: Thursdays from 7-8:30pm
Course Registration: $60 for 6 weeks

Register online at:

We all know that everything changes, but do we really understand impermanence? The Buddha considered the concept of impermanence to be a core teaching, and encouraged his followers to meditate upon it, discuss it and contemplate it. I am offering a 6-week course on this topic to do just that. The course will be accessible to everyone: Buddhists, non-Buddhists, beginners as well as experienced meditators. The views and topics that will be introduced in this course can be as simple or complex as you, the student, want to make them, but the material will be presented in a way that will be understandable and stimulating. Most importantly, I will present talks, discussions, and recommend practices that can potentially enrich your life in a practical way. This is an important point, because the Buddhist practice of Insight meditation is designed to be completely relevant to your life–right here and right now.

Take the course at your own pace. The only scheduled event will be the weekly video dharma session. This will be recorded live, so even if you miss it, you can access it from the website and watch it any time. Registration gives you exclusive access to course materials available at

Please note: in keeping with Tri-State Dharma’s policy, no one will be turned away for lack of ability to pay. Contact Wendy if you are in need of a scholarship. Donations help to make scholarships possible.

The course includes:

  1. Access to the course materials (password protected). You can download the syllabus, worksheets, dharma talks, meditations, and readings 24/7.
  2. Live Weekly Dharma talk: This will be a real online class with Q&A, discussion and guided meditations (1.5 hours). They will be recorded and accessible any time for all enrolled students. Zoom technology has proven easy to use for everyone, and you can sign in via phone, tablet, or computer.
  3. One-on-one, online or phone conversation with Wendy (if desired).
  4. Weekly worksheets with study guide and links to readings and meditations.
  5. Invitation to join my ongoing online sitting group.
  6. Guided online meditations and meditation instructions (video and text).
  7. Weekly contemplation (text).

We have 3 teachers that are willing to teach. We are available for individual instruction or if you have a group of friends who are interested, we can setup a class.

Candace Strange is an active member and past president of Tri-State Dharma. She teaches meditation to groups and to individual students. Candace completed a two year intensive training program in mindfulness and meditation, a year-long non-duality course with Matthew Flickstein of the Forest Way and is enrolled in the Basic Mindfulness Facilitator Training taught by Shinzen Young. Candace is currently enrolled in teacher training with Upasaka Culadasa (John Yates). You can contact Candace at 513.477.4535 or at

Joan Staubach is an active member and past president of Tri-State Dharma. She is an experienced practitioner of Insight Meditation. She has been on over 30 week-long or longer residential retreats. She has taught and co-taught the New Years Retreat for many years, led daylong retreats, and taught numerous Insight Meditation classes. She has taken training retreats with Matthew Flickstein on Sharing the Dharma. You can contact Joan by email or by calling 513.205.0700.

Wendy Eisner has been practicing insight (Vipassana) meditation since 2002. She is an active member and corresponding secretary of Tri-State Dharma and co-founder and co-teacher (with Mary Ellen Landolina) of Tri-State’s Northern Kentucky meditation group. In 2017, she completed the Community Dharma Leaders program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, a two-year training program for teachers in the Buddhist Theravada tradition. She has taken Matthew Flickstein’s Vipassana meditation teacher training course. Contact Wendy at her website: